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Welcome to my home online.  If I could figure out how to give you a cup of tea (or an adult beverage if the time of day is appropriate!) to enjoy while you browse, I would.

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If you are looking for prints, custom images, photography workshops or talks, private photography lessons, or help preparing an exhibit and/or photo book, please get in touch via the “Contact” link.  I have a few images in my online shop, but there are many more. If you view these on a mobile device, you’ll be able try different sizes and frames for size (virtually) on your own walls. If you like what you see but can’t find exactly what you want, please get in touch. I can also create something just for you.

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Please check out my exhibit and project work under “Exhibits.” You’ll find information as well as links for purchasing prints on individual project pages.  The project layout allows me to give you some background and a few cropped image examples. You can see uncropped versions, without explanation, in the relevant “Shop Art” links.

What is This Digital Painting Business?

Until recently, most of my work has been photographic, but in 2018 I started creating digital paintings. Although this might seem like a drastic change, it’s not really.  For nearly a decade I’ve done photo restoration, and this often includes digitally painting parts of photographs that are missing. When I do this digital work, I have to hide the fact that I’ve done it by making it look like the original photograph – not a digital painting.

When I tried to find an artist to partner with to start creating mixed media images using my photographs, I was inspired to attempt the work myself instead. Many famous photographers who do this sort of work actually farm out the digital painting portion of the project, often without crediting the painter. This did not sit well with me; artists deserve credit for their work!

I decided that if I could do it, I would do my own painting. That would make the work my own from start to finish – from photograph to final painting. This has been my focus since early2018, and I love it! Now I get to make my digital painting work look like a painting, instead of disguising it to look like a photograph. The end result is a blend of a photograph, a digital painting, and real gel and paint on canvas. In fact I love it so much that I’ve decided that this is how I will complete my next exhibit, “My Bonnie Lies over the Ocean.”


Why is there a link called TKD on the menu? Just before Labor Day in 2016 I saw one of my grandsons compete in Taekwondo (TKD). This inspired me to start the sport myself as cross training to get back into fencing. I discovered I loved TKD so much that I wanted to continue with it, and I have  yet to return to fencing. As a photographer, I couldn’t help myself and started taking snapshots and sometimes more formal photographs at the dojang – and so I’ve set up a page just for TKD. Most of it is password protected. If you are a member of my dojang and need a password, please contact me.

Thank you so much for visiting.  Please do get in touch!  I’d love to hear from you.

– Brenda

15 May 2019, Cnoc nam Feòrag (Squirrel Hill), Durham, North Carolina

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