Welcome!  I’m so glad you found me here.

I’ve decided to make the switch from Brenda Scott Photography to Brenda Scott Arts in order to include my music as well as my photography.  I’m still adding content and tweaking things here and there, so do let me know if you find any snags.  Music pages will follow as will a new storefront where you can purchase prints.  In the meantime, please just use the “Contact” tab or email me directly at brenda(at)brendascottarts(dot)com.

This site was put together by a dear friend at Echo Online Advertising. Any slickness of design can be attributed to her hard work, and any fault in text or images is entirely mine, as she’s allowed me to get behind the scenes as well.  Do get in touch with her if you want a new website or want help with advertising.

For those not used to this sort of thing, please note the three little lines in the upper right hand corner.  When you click on these, you’ll get a pop out menu that looks like this:

Popout menu

Please have a look around.  You’ll notice that I’ve separated out my portfolio from projects in order to allow me to show you some behind-the-scenes work, give you some background information, and keep you updated on the ongoing projects all under the “Projects” tab. This is where you can see my previously unpublished “Hen House Project.”

Hen House Project 2

Hen House Project 2


have a look behind the scenes at an exhibit I worked on at the Duke Heart Center (there’s even an alligator!),


Alligators in the Cath Lab at Duke?


and start following my two new projects,”The Scottish Wildcat,” and “My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean.”


The Scottish Wildcat Cello


You will also find some notes about my American Animal University images, including “The Old Goat”:

Professor of Goat Studies, American Animal University

Professor of Goat Studies, American Animal University

And see some experimentation and steps to building Shadowlands images, including “Got Sin?”:

Got Sin?

Got Sin?

If you just want images, please look at the “Portfolio” tab.  If you’d like to hear from me directly about once a month, please sign up for my newsletter.

I hope you enjoy looking around.  Now I must go and work on my Gaelic studies.  I’m working on learning Scottish Gaelic and absolutely loving it, even though I’m finding it extremely difficult.  But those who know me, know I love a challenge!  It is wonderful to explore this aspect of my own heritage and build skills to help with my two current Scottish projects.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.  Please stay warm and safe in our wintry February weather.

All best wishes from


Cnoc nam Feòrag (Squirrel Hill), Durham, NC

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