This has been a busy summer filled with teaching and exhibit work. After completing one teaching job and most of my exhibit printing for “The Mountains Are Calling,” I had a last-minute opportunity to travel to Greenville, SC, to see the solar eclipse.

While my brother and parents have been planning to see the eclipse for months now, and Mom & Dad gave me glasses months ago, I wasn’t sure I’d have a chance to travel to see the total eclipse, so this was a wonderful surprise.

A Last-Minute Trip to South Carolina

After teaching my final classes in the summer program on Sunday, my husband and I drove to Greenville, SC. As I’d not made plans ahead of time, I had no filters for my cameras and had not scouted scenic locations from which to view the eclipse. The morning of the 21st, my husband and I found a small community park. There were many people there, but only one car in the lot from South Carolina. There were folks from as far away as Delaware.

Community Spirit

There was a sense of camaraderie and community spirit with people young and old, folks with picnic blankets, and various science projects and pinhole viewers. As our hotel had provided us with glasses and we already had ours (thanks, Mom & Dad!), we gave our spares away, and set up the cameras.

One little girl was disappointed that my cameras were not focused on the eclipse before it reached totality. I explained that without a filter, it would hurt the sensor and our eyes, and so I had to aim my camera near, but not directly at, the sun to get ready.

The Light Changed Rapidly

Even at 90+%, the sky was still light, but it looked like late in the day. We noticed the eclipse shape in the leaf shadows on the ground, and the color of the light growing warmer, as if it were almost time for the sun to set. And then the sky went dark, as if it were night, and we could take off our glasses to see the eclipse. That’s when I turned my cameras onto the sun.

My Favorite Shot

This is my favorite of the shots. I only wish I’d had a telescope. Still, with a DSLR, I was pleased with the detail I was able to get.

New friends from the eclipse, drop me a line if you want a print at a discounted price as promised. Thank you for a memorable shared experience.

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