The Chickens of Stagville

As a smaller, side project at Stagville, I documented the maturation of the 2014 Stagville chicks from fluffy balls of feathers to grown hens and roosters. Using a seamless backdrop, I created portraits of some of the birds approximately every two weeks. Unfortunately, since then the powers that be have decided to stop keeping chickens at Stagville. I really miss them.

Included here is the original image “Tony’s Girls” from the Stagville: Black & White exhibit as well as a few from my documentation of the birds as they grew up and some outtakes from my original exhibit shoots.

Huge thanks to Tony Strother for all of his help with this project!  It has been a great pleasure working with him!  I miss seeing him and “Old” Tony now that my work at Stagville has come to a close.

Prints will be for sale soon.