Hen House Project

An off-shoot of my “Stagville: Black & White” project was working with the chickens of Stagville.  Before I started chronicling the growth of the 2014 chicks, Tony Rocha – “Old Tony”* – told me about an idea he had.  As there are family portraits in the Bennehan house at Stagville, he thought it would be interesting to have some family portraits of the chickens to decorate the hen house.

Given the destination of these images, we decided not to use gold-leaf frames and my favorite 8-ply cotton, digital white mats.  Instead, I created digital mats and frames for them in Photoshop.  I’m not sure if these images ever made it onto the walls of the hen house, and now there are no chickens at Stagville. In any case, here they are for your entertainment.

* The original Tony to re-instate the Dominikers at Stagville.  Next Tony Strother – “New Tony” – cared for and expanded the flock of chickens at Stagville.  This is why I called the hens, “Tony’s Girls.”

Want the Hen House images for your own walls, with or without digital mats and frames? They’ll be coming soon for purchase.