Duke Heart Center 25th Anniversary Exhibit

Last year the Duke Heart Center celebrated its 25th Anniversary. I was hired by Bull City Art & Frame Company (BCAF) as an ad hoc curator to do picture research, suggest image groupings, create captions, edit and restore photographs, and create prints to be framed for the exhibit. In addition, I did the layout for a faculty holiday gift of a coffee table book.

Here are some behind-the-scenes phone snapshots from the project.  They show:

  • 1)-2) Our first meeting with Dr. Tom Bashore at the Heart Center.
  • 3) The red flag status of our work at the Duke Libraries (thanks to all there who helped us, particularly Jolie Braun, Duke University Medical Center Archives; Amy McDonald, Duke University Archives; and Leila Ledbetter, Duke University Medical Center Library!).
  • 4)-7) One of our meetings with Dr. Bashore once we had some materials together.
  • 8) Some of the finished pieces on the wall at the Heart Center.
  • 9)-11) The long lost alligator story.  When I first met with Dr. Bashore, he mentioned an alligator project at the Heart Center and said it would be great if I could find something about that.  I asked every librarian and archivist about this, and finally found a clue on Dr. Eugene Stead’s website.  From there I was able to find the paper published about the alligator project.  I was not able to find an image of one of the actual bests, and so the image that was used from one of my visits to Florida.  (Duke used Florida alligators in the project.)
  • 12) The other image (aside from the alligator) I made for the project.  I was only stopped by the police once while making this picture.  (I guess security is tight on campus!)
  • 13) An appropriately blurry snapshot of one of the many nearly all-night sessions with Tiffany Bowles of BCAF working on this project – note Miss C supervising in the background.
  • 14)-15) Yet another layout meeting with Dr. Bashore and more of the final pieces on the wall
  • 16)-17) Snapshots made by my brother in Sweden on a visit to the Nobel Museum in Stockholm.  Even though these did not find their way into the final project, many thanks Michael!
  • 18) More final pieces on the wall.
  • 19) Both of my printers going at once to finish the printing of all of these images by the deadline.
  • 20)-21) One of the big prints before mounting and then on the wall at the Heart Center.
  • 22) Another big print before mounting.
  • 23)-24) Two more snapshots of the final pieces on the wall.

BCAF and I are working with Dr. Bashore on the final phase.  It is a great pleasure to work with Dr. Bashore and with BCAF!  I am extremely impressed with their dedication and hundreds of hours of work on this project.