American Animal University

Having spent most of my life around universities (I used to attend my mother’s biochemstry lectures when I was home sick from elementary school!), I decided to explore some stereotypes of the university community using animals instead of people.  It all started with “The Old Goat” professor, which is actually a portrait of my husband in my former university office.  I had a great time changing some of the titles on the books as well.

Even my students and a university-based orchestra agreed to help with the project.  This is a very short series, but was quite enjoyable to create.  It was designed as images to go on a mock university website.  The website is not yet published, and there is at least one more image to come – I admit that I got a bit sidetracked by my work at Stagville and other, more serious projects.  Still I enjoy Photoshop collage work like this very much and plan to add to this project as time permits.

P.S. This is purely fictional work, and although the university acronym is the same as that of one I attended, any similarities are purely coincidental and not based on reality.  Of course I’ve never met a professor I’d describe as an “old goat.”