Can you believe March is almost over? The month seemed to fly by us here on Squirrel Hill.  At least we’ve had mostly lovely weather, with one brief dusting of snow one morning and a few cold days where it was best to wear something other than flip flops and a T-shirt.  But now Spring is here.

I am continuing work on The Mountains are Calling. I’ll be visiting the mountains at the end of April again. Several restoration projects came through as well. I’ll write a separate post about them, but I always enjoy working with old photographs.

What is your favorite photographic paper? I’ve got some favorites, but this month I set out to try as many as I could, and I’ve decided on the paper I’m going to use for My Bonnie Lies over the Ocean. This had been on my mind for some time. I usually work more in black and white, but this exhibit feels like it must be done in color. In the same way I knew I wanted to work in black and white, even before I named my project at Stagville, “Stagville: Black & White.”  However, while I’ve got a favorite black and white paper, until last week, I did not have a favorite color paper. Even when I opened the box, it smelled like a darkroom. This was a great sign.  One of the images I used to test the papers was this one I call “Two Bees” which was snapped at the Honeysuckle Tea House gardens a few years ago. All I had with me was a little mirrorless camera that I was testing, but I like the colors in this image.

Please let me know if you want to know more about the papers I’ve tried.

This “Two Bees” image is one that one of my patrons has chosen for her annual print. Want to get a free print from me each year? Sign up to be my patron for $25/month or more, and you can pick your print each year.

On the non-photographic front, I played cello in the Tar River Orchestra for three children’s concerts this month and had a terrific time. One of my music students did well at her audition and made it into the advanced orchestra at her new school – congratulations!

I hope you had a wonderful month!

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