As some of you know, this has been in the works for quite some time, but late yesterday, the exhibit was announced online here.

When? Where?

The exhibit will be on display in November 2017 in the Upper Gallery at the Kirby Cultural Arts Complex in Roxboro, NC.

About the Exhibit

Unlike some of my other exhibits, this one has no overarching storyline or history narrative. Instead, this is an exhibit of some of my favorite images – a collection of work demonstrating what inspires me. Do you hear someone singing, ‘Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens?’ That’s not too far from accurate. Here you’ll see my photographs of wildlife, cats (with their whiskers), flowers, landscapes, images of musical instruments, and perhaps a few surprises.

Holiday Shopping Opportunity

This is a great chance to help support the arts in Person County as well as to buy prints.  If you are a patron, please get in touch for some specials just for patrons.

A big thank you to Erin & Amanda at the Kirby Cultural Arts Complex and as always to my Patrons!

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