Happy New Year!

As we start the new year, we’ve got lots going on here on Squirrel Hill (home of Brenda Scott Photography).  It’s even difficult to decide what’s the most exciting news to share.

At or near the top of the list has to be the extension of my photo exhibit, Stagville: Black & White, at the NC Museum of History.  The exhibit will now run through and including February 1st!  This extension was made in order to be open during the 14th Annual African American Cultural Celebration at the museum.

AACC2015_WebsiteButton_01Another exciting event has led to a flurry of activity here on Squirrel Hill – I am printing another exhibit for the NC Museum of History!  This is not my own work, but the work of a wonderful NC photographer, Scott Garlock, from Macon, NC.  His photography exhibit, called “Rural Revival: Photographs of Home and Preservation of Place” opens in February in the gallery where Stagville: Black & White is now, right after Stagville: Black & White closes.  I am personally extremely grateful to Scott, the curator of the exhibit – Michael Ausbon, and the museum for delaying this exhibit’s opening by a few days to allow the Stagville exhibit to run through the African American Cultural Celebration.  I am thrilled to continue working with the museum and look forward to many future projects together.

This year I also have the great fortune to announce the arrival of a new baby – a new baby cello, that is!  This instrument is nicknamed “The Scottish Wildcat” for reasons which will be explained in upcoming news items.  It is based on a Brothers Amati instrument from the 16th century, instead of the usual scroll at the instrument’s head it has a magnificent snarling lion, and the original has ties to 18th-century Jacobites in the ’45.  During the month of November, which is National Novel Writing Month, I  wrote the bare bones of a historical novel about the original instrument’s provenance.  This amazing instrument (the one I own – not the original), was made by John Pringle of Efland, NC.  It is a one of a kind instrument (as the original is no longer with us), and is a cello roughly the size of an 18 1/2 inch viola.  John kindly allowed me to photograph the making of this instrument from blocks of wood to the completed instrument.  Images from that project to follow quite soon.  If you would like to follow the cello project, it is adventureswithcello on Instagram and is listed under my performance name, Neece.  Watch for a podcast of the instrument, too – coming soon.

Happy New Year to one and all!

– Brenda



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